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4 Leg System

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There is a general trend across the world to plant mucht aller trees of all species, including palm trees. Traditionally these have been planted without support or are supported using unsightly wooden props,sometimes with disastrous results.

Platipus, in conjunction with Landscape Architects and Palm Tree Nurseries, have refined our underground tree anchoring system to meet the demand of anchoring these large rootballed or container grown palm trees.

Available as a 3 Leg or 4 Leg system these solutions offer an instantly attractive finish to any landscape. Bespoke and stainless steel options are also available to suit individual requirements.

Note: Palm tree rootballs must be a minimum of 2 metres in diameter, properly rootwrapped and of sufficient strength and proportion to support a rootball fixing method. The correct palm tree kit required must be specified by the Landscape Architect once the rootball dimensions, tree height and sail area of the tree have been established.

What is included?


    • 4 x B41 anchors
    • 10 metres of galvanised wire
    • 2 x ratchet tensioner
    • 4 x Plati-Mats®
    What tools do I need?

    You can find these in our Tools collection! 

    What application am I best for?

    Not only can I be used on regular trees that range from 7.5m+. But I am ideal for palm trees. I provide extra strength, weight and security than the 3 Leg System for extra peace of mind.  I can only be used in Earth or planter boxes with no base. 

    The Platipus Earth Anchor (Specification)  

    Our Percussion Driven Earth Anchor (PDEA®) is a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly installed in three steps using simple hand or powered tools. The cutting edge design ensures fast and easy installation and when fully loadlocked the anchor is immediately ready for use. 

    These systems are specifically designed to provide security and stability to the transplanted tree for three to five years whilst the roots establish themselves. Thereafter key elements of the system will degrade to allow unrestricted root growth and the remaining parts may be recycled.

    Product Dimensions L x B x H (mm) Materials Anchor Cable Lengths
    S21 80 x 28 x 25 Aluminium Alloy 0.6m
    S41 121 x 41 x 34 Aluminium Alloy 0.75m
    S61 171 x 58 x 50 Aluminium Alloy 1.2m
    S81 263 x 90 76 Aluminum Alloy 1.5m
    B41 310 x 110 x 93 Galvanised Spheroidal Graphite Iron 1.5m

    The following anchors are used in our tree systems and are selected according to the size of the tree, the design and layout of the planting area and local soil and weather conditions. Where appropriate, we can test our anchors on site, prior to installation, to provide quantifiable load data. Bespoke solutions for projects requiring a longer design life can be supplied using stainless steel accessories.

     How to install