Root Director ™ Round Tree Planter 900mm
Root Director ™ Round Tree Planter 900mm
Root Director ™ Round Tree Planter 900mm

Root Director ™ Round Tree Planter 900mm

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Citygreen root directors are designed to protect pavements and hard landscaped areas. Root directors prevent root swirl and divert root growth downward and outward, thus avoiding the unsightly and hazardous root damage so commonly seen in urban areas.

Curb and sidewalk damage resulting from interaction with tree roots continues to be a common problem in cities throughout the world. A statewide tree assessment in New Jersey estimated that 25% of street trees were involved with sidewalk damage (Cardiac 1996). Sidewalk repair costs were cited as the highest tree care-related costs facing municipalities today (McPherson and Peper 1995). Many of these problems may be due to inadequately engineered sidewalks (Sydnor et al. 2000; Steve Sanford, pers. comm.). Until these design and construction problems are commonly managed, arborists will continue to use many techniques to manage the interaction of roots and concrete structures. Commercially available plastic root barriers frequently are a selected solution.

The new Citygreen root director C series carries the original benefits of the RD640 root director but now also includes an integrated circular lawn edge at the top surface for a neat finish to projects.


  • ◾ Integral Lawn Edge
  • ◾ Tapered sides
  • ◾ Protection for paved surrounds
  • ◾ Root Training Ribs - encourages deep root growth 
  • ◾ Improved drought tolerance
  • ◾ Greatly enhanced tree stability
  • ◾ Integral ribbed construction which prevents root swirl
  • ◾ Compatible with Citygreen tree pit products
  • ◾ Simple to install
  • ◾ 100% Recycled polymer
  • ◾ Tough moulded construction



Root Director C Series 900

 Dimensions (mm)
A (top opening diameter) 900
B (base opening diameter) 1200
C (height) 400


Tree Size (Pot Size) 

Pot Size Diameter (mm)  Root Director (Recommended) 
25L 300 RDC600
45L 420 RDC600
75L 465 RDC600
100L 520 RDC600
150L + 610 RDC900

Please note, the above dimensions are based on an average and should be used as indicative. Tree Diameter will still need to be calculated.