About us

Urban Landscape Solutions for Greener Cities!

Mankind needs trees in urban spaces in order to thrive, with abundant research proving the many benefits of environmentally-sound urban development. Trees as green utilities play a major role in maintaining sustainable urban ecosystems, and must take precedence in urban planning and design if we – and generations to come – are to reap the benefits.

At Citygreen, we love trees. In fact, we believe they hold the key to better cities – and a better world.

Trees have always battled to survive in cities, with one of two outcomes usually occurring. Either growth is stunted with trees never reaching their full potential, or surrounding infrastructure is damaged by invasive root systems. The problem was clear, with no economically or agriculturally viable solution. Determined to make a difference, we founded Citygreen to solve it.

Investing years in comprehensive research and development, we explored the challenges, the causes of failure, and the reasons for premature mortality in urban trees. We then examined the negative impact poor planting can have on urban environments. Having identified the key issues in both areas, we thoroughly researched the solutions for those issues, and then designed practical products and systems to address them. Successfully!

Today, our urban landscape solutions are best practice in their field and endorsed by professional organisations around the globe, putting Citygreen at the cutting edge of sustainable landscape solutions for cities.