Frequently Asked Questions 

What information do I need, to be able to tell what anchor to use?

If the anchor is not specified on your plans, we can help you out! The information you need to know is; 

  • How tall is the tree at planting height?
  • What application am I being used for? Eg. Ground, Podium. 
  • Am I a palm tree?

We have created our quiz for this specific question! Go and check it out. 

Quiz: What anchor should I use?


How do I know what tools to use?

We have included a table against every anchor of what tools you need! We have also included this under the tools section also. Once you buy the tools, you don't need to purchase them again! Unless, you are installing a larger or smaller anchor system. 


What are the lead times?

Lead times vary for different states and cities all over Australia. We always try our best to get the products to you as quickly as possible. 

If there is the chance we happen to run out of a particular system, the good news is we are always able to get more in stock. Due to the overlapping nature and versatility of these anchors, we can always offer alternatives. 

However, if an alternative item is not accepted. We are happy to order direct from Platipus. 

Lead times as follows: 

Sea Freight - 8 weeks 

Air Freight - 1-2 weeks

Contact Citygreen today to request a lead time. 


How do the anchor systems work?

Platipus have designed, manufactured and supplied systems to secure, stabilize and irrigate trees on prestigious projects as well as thousands of smaller and private sites all over the world. 

Their anchor systems are renowned for easy installation and securing trees. Platipus offer a range of below ground, above ground, fixed and non fixed systems. 

These systems are specifically designed to provide security and stability to the transplanted tree for three to five years whilst the roots establish themselves. Thereafter key elements of the system will degrade to allow unrestricted root growth and the remaining parts may be recycled. 


Is there bulk discounts?

Yes! There is currently bulk discounts on our Root Director products, which you can see under the "Bulk Discounts" page. 

Bulk Discounts on our Platipus range will be coming soon. Stay tuned! 


How do I go about specifying these products?

We have our own in house design team here at Citygreen who love to provide advice and assistance! 

If you would like to specify our products, contact Citygreen today to speak to one of our design consultants. 


How do I install the anchors?

Easy! We have video tutorials and documents to assist you with your installation. 


What else do you sell?

Citygreen sells a range of sustainable landscape products. Our other products consist of;

  • Irrigation and Aeration Kits 
  • Geo-Composite Fabric 
  • Root Barrier 
  • Structural Soil Modules 
  • Tree Grates
  • Tree Guards 

For pricing on our other range, please email info@citygreen.com with plans and all the information. 


Where do you ship?

We ship nationally across Australia and we also supply our products internationally. However, our online shop is for Australian Customers Only! 

Stay tuned for when our online shop becomes global! In the meantime, please contact info@citygreen.com or ring to place an order.